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Hooray for Friday!

Had a good dinner and meeting with Allison last night, despite her jet-lag and general sleepiness. She enjoyed Montreal, so I'm glad for her.

Had an interesting conversation with the ex Mario last night, who IM'd me out of the blue. Chit-chatted a bit, and he actually apologized if he was mean to me when we stopped seeing each other (I told him I was disappointed at the time, but no worries now). We of course flirted some more as well (always do - he only lives a mile away!). Then I found out that the guy he'd gone out with before me (and that was the reason he wasn't ready to jump into something with me, although I never asked him to) was Johnny, Yudi's friend (and sort-of ex). Mario got very interested in details at that point, as he sort of still has a thing for Johnny. He also said I was "too nice." Ugh. I hate that. You're good to someone, and they don't like you. You're mean to someone, and they either also don't like you, or worse, there's someone else who's mean to them that they like more. Blah. I told him he's going to have to put out eventually with all this flirting, but I'm sure I'll catch him in the right mood one of these nights.

Tonight it's movies with Yudi, tomorrow is (I think - still not sure) Gay Day 2.5 in Disneyland, and Sunday is dim sum and bowling.

Oh, and the theme for the April LYC pot luck I'm having at our place (I try to host the April one every year as a tradition)? "Bunnies, bonnets and bingo" - it's Easter, we're having an Easter bonnet contest, and we're playing bingo for pr0n! :D (Somebody donated it - don't ask me!)

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