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On the eve of Thanksgiving

Monday and Tuesday night were spent slothing, watching Farscape, dicking around online, and playing a little GTA:SA (it's nice to be a little responsibility free for a while). Had a couple of good, silly talks with my honey who has been in good spirits of late, which is good. Work has been busy, but not overwhelmingly so.

Today I get to leave at 3, then I'll head home, pack, and then the boys will be over for gaming later (minotaurs is bringing pie!). I got a ride tomorrow morning after all (thank you SO MUCH, scout1222 - I owe ya!) so I'll be off at 5:45 am - ugh! I will arrive in time for dinner, though.

And then I get to see my honey. YAY! ::happy dance:: Oh, and I get to go to Walt Disney World, too. And see my mom. And have fun. And eat turkey. And stuff. :)
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