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Fun gaming last night - Troll Hunters (?) and Frag with the PvP expansion (I was Cole - "Don't shoot me or you're fired!"). David and Daniel came over. Daniel starts his new job with the city today - yay! David finally gave me my Christmas present, so I now officially own a piece of clothing with UCSD on it.

Made a dentist appointment today for next week, my first since hitting western shores. Still working on getting the Gaylaxicon website up and running, and still haven't heard back from Joanna Russ. Some people want to do Long Beach Pride - ugh. A lot of work, so hopefully someone else will do it. I really need an advertising coordinator for room parties, fan tables, flyer distribution and program ads, but at least Furp offered to do security.

Meeting with Allison tonight. Probably going to Gay Day 2.5 on Saturday at Disneyland, and then we have LYC bowling against GAMNET on Sunday.

My life is so interesting.

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