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Random Monday updates

The benefits fair was a bust. The one group I wanted to talk to didn't show. Bah. I'll call them later and change to a new plan. At least I got Wendy's for lunch.

I am rather distressed that I missed (read: slept through) the thunder and rainstorm early Sunday morning. It would have been a little taste of home. :(

Mom made it to Florida alright, except her muffler gave out. They spent most of the day today getting it replaced so they didn't make it to the parks. I think tomorrow she's going to visit her brother for the day and see his new house.

Speaking of the parks, my hopes of scoring a couple of free passes were dashed (thanks for trying anyway, schnuderJay). Looks like we're going to have to cough up some money to get in, which both Q and I are in short supply of. Oh, well. On the bright side maybe we'll spend a day at Islands of Adventure.

God help me I'm writing music again. You have been warned.

I did dishes tonight. Whoopee.


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