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Weekend update

So Friday I left work a little late, but it's all good. On the way home I called Mom but she wasn't home, which I thought was odd for a Friday night, but figured it was good that she was getting out and doing something. I got home, grabbed something to eat and some movies, and headed out to Yudi's. On the way Mom called back and told me the bowling ball story. Aw. So touching.

So we had about 10 people show up at Yudi's, and we ended up watching Latter Days and The Wedding Banquet, both of which I'd never seen, and now want to add both to my library. Both very romantic.

Saturday I slept in, had breakfast, got to tea late, and since no one wanted to go to dinner a few of us stayed later than usual and chatted with a new member. AFterwards I came home, had my (now infamous) chicken tenders for dinner, and relaxed most of the evening. I was rather tired so I skipped Karen & Val's birthday party.

Sunday I slept in, had breakfast, and listened while the Conjecture crew cackled over their room party ideas for Loscon. I was a bum all day, alternating between getting online and watching Farscape and other odd bits of TV. I also decided to skip the housewarming because I decided I didn't want to deal with the host after all.

Today is work work work, which will be punctuated by going to the benefits fair on campus since open enrollment is this month. I also confirmed my hotel and flight for this weekend - yay!

No disctinct plans tonight or tomorrow night, then gaming Wednesday and I leave first thing Thursday morning for Orlando. (Anybody up for giving me a ride to the airport at 5:30 am? No? Didn't think so. BAH!) Then it's a wonderful weekend at WDW with my honey! Yay!

Also wanted to note that I've been bitten by the Kazaa bug. Still exploring, but looks keen. :)

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