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A beautiful echo from my father

A most amazingly beautiful thing happened to my mother today.

Since my father passed away she's been making a lot of conscious effort to make sure she doesn't turn into some bitter old widow. A lot of friends and family have been going out of their way for her, even now almost a year after Dad died. So far she's been to various places with my sisters, gone to New York City for the first time in her life, etc. She's even going to Walt Disney World with our good family friends for Thanksgiving, and they leave tomorrow morning, which is why I called her tonight (Quincy and I fly in on Thursday to meet her there).

When I called she wasn't home, which was a little odd for a Friday night. She called me back later to tell me she'd been out bowling, of all things. Turns my uncle (her brother), aunt and cousin all bowl on a league and they needed someone to fill in, so my mother figured what the heck - nothing good on TV anyway.

Now keep in mind my mother hasn't bowled in many, many years, but she used to bowl in a league and I knew she had her own shoes and bowling ball, so I asked her if she used them. She said she didn't bother with the shoes, but she found her old ball in the attic. She got it down, took it out, and started cleaning through the bag.

She found a note in a side pocket in my father's handwriting that simply said, "I love you."

She hasn't touched that ball in years. He must have put it in there that long ago for her to find someday. Just because he loved her.

I had the most amazing father, and I will always strive, as odd as it sounds, to be as good of a husband to Quincy as he was to Mom.

I miss you, Dad.

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