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My LJ's titles and such

Saw this meme going around and it amused me... for a time:

  • My journal is called "My Gorgeous Life" because I named it after Dame Edna's autobiography of the same title. Truly that woman has lead a most extraordinary life (but I'll tell you about that later, possums!) and I aspire to be like her.

  • My subtitle is "If you could only read what I don't want you to see" because the bits I don't make public or well-known are, of course, the juiciest ones, and those are the ones you really want to read. Oh yes - you know you do. ;)

  • My friends page is called "The fools! The fools! The mad, impetuous fools!" because that's exactly what the lot of you are. :P

  • My username is Esprix because it's the one I use the most online (e-mail, SDMB, etc.). Originally many years ago I was tired of my AOL screen names, many of which were tied to my locale or age, so I decided to come up with one that was uniquely me and could be used anywhere online for any reason (and wasn't already taken by 5,000 other people). I looked in thesauruses and dictionaries until I found "esprit" meaning "a clever, vivacious wit," which I took to instantly. I toyed around with Max Esprit (as in "maximum") and eventually condensed it to Esprix (which I've since found out means other things as well).

  • My default userpic is GIR because I love the show Invader Zim and GIR cracks me up to no end - he's lovable, quirky, and mostly stupid. "I love this show!"
Thanks for the memeage, scout1222. :)


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Nov. 19th, 2004 04:47 pm (UTC)
decided to do a name search like you did and well FUCK i wish this was me
scroll down just a little
Nov. 20th, 2004 12:32 am (UTC)
dood! San Diego! Rawk!
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