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Spirit Guides part 2

A follow-up to some of the responses from my previous post about spirit guides if I didn't reply to comments in that thread already, so feel free to reply if you're so inclined:

  • First, let me say I'd love to hear about ALL your experiences. I'm now really fascinated by all this. :)

  • sistercoyote, I would love to hear more about your experiences. Do you have them in your LJ somewhere?

  • elemirion, if they don't guide, what do they do? Or are they similar to what moonpuppy61 says about "bumping into spirits" but they're not all either helpful or hurtful?

  • caprine, what kind of ritual?

  • blackvinylangel, a kangaroo? Really? That's awesome!

  • samuraimeg, why do you reckon a cat?

  • sassy, you think s/he's trying to make contact with you?
I see lots of liberal or Paganistic religions for those who believe (which isn't surprising). It's times like this when I'm grateful to be a UU. :)

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