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Ten years ago to five years hence...

Ten years ago, I:
1. Was working in a real estate magnate/hotelier's office;
2. Was Choir Director for a Unitarian Universalist church;
3. Was just starting my 26th year, and a good one it was at that.

Five years ago, I:
1. Was dating Giang;
2. Was temping at a pharmaceutical company;
3. Was still mulling over whether or not to move to San Diego.

One year ago, I:
1. Was dating Quincy;
2. Was Hotel Liaison for Conjecture;
3. Was about to head home for my father's funeral.

So far this year, I:
1. Watched Quincy leave for Maryland;
2. Ran Gaylaxicon and became Speaker of the Network;
3. Had to have Bart put down.

Yesterday, I:
1. Slept late;
2. Played Zuma;
3. Went to a pot luck.

Today, I:
1. Beat my boss into work;
2. Am actually doing work;
3. Am wondering how long I can put off that filing project.

Tomorrow, I will:
1. Go to work;
2. Do more laundry;
3. Goof off.

In one year, I will:
1. Be living somewhere new;
2. Have a new job;
3. Have made progress with the Network.

In five years, I will:
1. Be married to Quincy;
2. Be farther along my career path;
3. Be happy. :)

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