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Ten years ago to five years hence...

Ten years ago, I:
1. Was working in a real estate magnate/hotelier's office;
2. Was Choir Director for a Unitarian Universalist church;
3. Was just starting my 26th year, and a good one it was at that.

Five years ago, I:
1. Was dating Giang;
2. Was temping at a pharmaceutical company;
3. Was still mulling over whether or not to move to San Diego.

One year ago, I:
1. Was dating Quincy;
2. Was Hotel Liaison for Conjecture;
3. Was about to head home for my father's funeral.

So far this year, I:
1. Watched Quincy leave for Maryland;
2. Ran Gaylaxicon and became Speaker of the Network;
3. Had to have Bart put down.

Yesterday, I:
1. Slept late;
2. Played Zuma;
3. Went to a pot luck.

Today, I:
1. Beat my boss into work;
2. Am actually doing work;
3. Am wondering how long I can put off that filing project.

Tomorrow, I will:
1. Go to work;
2. Do more laundry;
3. Goof off.

In one year, I will:
1. Be living somewhere new;
2. Have a new job;
3. Have made progress with the Network.

In five years, I will:
1. Be married to Quincy;
2. Be farther along my career path;
3. Be happy. :)


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Nov. 15th, 2004 01:47 pm (UTC)
Ten years ago, I:
1. Was at high school
2. Was in Blackburn Cathedral Choir (and a Soprano);
3. Was skidding into puberty.

Five years ago, I:
1. Was dating Natalie;
2. Was working at my local pub;
3. Was panicing about my A-Levels.

One year ago, I:
1. Was single;
2. Was PTP of the University Senate;
3. Was inducted into the law society of scotland.

So far this year, I:
1. Worked like a demon;
2. Went to LA;
3. Spent more time out of the UK than in it.

Yesterday, I:
1. Caught a train from Manchester to Dundee;
2. Ate takeout;
3. Had ice cream.

Today, I:
1. Worked;
2. Had coffee with Maria;
3. Had my last carbs for a loooong while.

Tomorrow, I will:
1. Diet;
2. Work;
3. Bitch.

In one year, I will:
1. Making prepairations for moving out to California (hopefully);
2. Be looking for work in SoCal;
3. A Mac user.

In five years, I will:
1. In a good job, ;
2. Be planning to run for political office;
3. Be Rich. :)
Nov. 15th, 2004 02:37 pm (UTC)
In one year, I will:
1. Be living somewhere new;

Dis a hint?

Nov. 15th, 2004 04:34 pm (UTC)
Ten years ago, I:
1. I was still hanging out in pittsburgh for weeks on end without coming home
2. I still had my jewelry business and was doing the psy fairs
3. I had only been to a Star Trek con for about 15 minutes to drop someone off there

Five years ago, I:
1. 2 monthes from being homeles (and then meeting Tad My Mate)
2. Trying depresretly to keep a house running while the main person in charge stopped taking her medication and was slipping away
3. Was ... "harvesting" Street signs and other metalic things to get money to live on

One year ago, I:
1. Recovering from Monthes of putting this and harvey's place together After the crap with Putting a friend In jail for Child porn
2. Was giddy because Tad (my mate of going to be 6 years) was coming to my house for Thanksgiving
3. had people living here and wasn't nearly as lonely

So far this year, I:
1. Watched everyone but me move to Mass
2. Found Out i am an Urban Legend at anime cons
3. Had an emotionally scaring but somewhat mind clearing AC

Yesterday, I:
1. Slept
2. Ate
3. Uploaded some art and updated LJ

Today, I:
1. Woke up damn early
2. watched some tv
3. am currently wondering if i should eat

Tomorrow, I will:
1. Wake up
2. continue designing the strange devices in my head
3. hopefully remember to actually TAKE my damn diabetic meds

In one year, I will:
1. Be living somewhere new and hopefully with heat and my mate
2. Have a large yard
3. be skinnier

In five years, I will:
1. Be married to Tad
2. Rule the planet with a fist of solid nerf
3. Have achieved Apotheosis
Nov. 15th, 2004 04:37 pm (UTC)
That's my boy! I'm so proud.

{sniff} They grow up so fast!
Nov. 15th, 2004 07:44 pm (UTC)
and out and stuff
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