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The weekend in review

So Friday after work I headed home on time, did a couple loads of laundry, and got ready to head to Farrell's. The birthday boy, thomasmMyke, was joined by me, darkscydeDaniel, lenniersdHans, minotaursStuart, writethewrongsWyatt, paranoydCorby, tinyhandJen and, of course, jkustersJohn. Much eating, ice creaming and sugar buying ensued, followed by a new game, Heroes, Incorporated, back at the house which was rather fun. Myke also made out like a bandit, so good for him.

Slept in Saturday, went to LYC tea, then dinner at Sanfilippo's, then coffee at David's, then out for a bit to Kicker's. Whew! Talked to pinoyboytoyQ, who had a good time helping out at the Side A concert in DC, although he and Darwin decided to drive home instead of staying overnight, so they didn't get in until about 4 am. He also sounded in much better spirits, so that made me feel better.

Today I also slept in, watched a few more episodes of Drawn Together on the TiVo, then headed out to the LYC pot luck, where I won a CD of Chinese classical music in the raffle. Talked to Q some more, and he told me he finally found 99 Bananas in the schnapps aisle, so it looks like my honey's off the wagon again (bless his heart!).

Easy breezy week this week - gotta finish laundry, gaming Wednesday and movie night at Yudi's on Friday.

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