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Monday & today

Had a lovely start to my work week yesterday by hitting every single green light between home and work. That rarely happens, and made for a pleasant commute (not that it's altogether that unpleasant, but it was just nice). Had pizza for lunch, and afterwards had my weekly with Annamarie, who seems a little anxious about, of all things, filing. Weird. We have much bigger fish to fry, and she's worried about things that have been sitting in the "to be filed" stack since we moved in.

Anyway, after work I went straight to Liz to get my hair cut (almost no blond - waaah!), then buzzed down to Mission Valley and met up with Stuart and a friend of his to have dinner in their new food court. I got a yummy teriyaki chicken and swiss sub at Charley's Grilled Subs - definitely want that again! Reminded me of the chicken cheesesteaks I used to get for lunch. Bill met up with us as we walked over to the theatre where the rest of the SDQSF malcontents showed up (including lots of giggly girls this time - the biological kind, even!). The Incredibles, as I mentioned, was just amazing - I thought it was quite engaging, the pacing was great, the story was fun, the humor was that wonderful doubled edge for both adults and the younger set, great voices, and of course the animation was just fantastic. Pixar does it again! I think I identified most with the babysitter, but I couldn't imagine why... ;) Top it off with the short Boundin', from which I just about died from the kyoot, and we had quite a lot of fun (as evidenced by all of us - about 15 total - giggling and squealing like schoolgirls afterwards, and this time I'm not talking about the biological kind!)

(Note to the folks who saw it - the guy who narrated and sang for Boundin', Bud Lucky, was also the voice of the Incredibles' government liaison [I think], Rick Dicker.)

I did manage to catch Q before the movie, but he'd gone to sleep before the movie was over, so I headed home, updated my LJ, played a little GTA:SA and went to bed way, way too late. Oh, and I got my poppy coin in the mail from montrealais - thank you honey! I lurves it so!

So today is work - getting stuff done, but nothing exciting. Tonight is the LYC board meeting. Whee. :)

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