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The end of the weekend

OK, so yesterday I bagged out of brunch (overslept, actually), and it turns out everyone else did, too, which is just as well - it was cold, wet and rainy and I didn't feel like spending the money (Mary's jacked up their price when Bourbon Street stopped doing brunch altogether). So I slept in blissfully late, made a nice breakfast, watched Lifeform, Daniel and I had dinner at Callahan's, I talked to Quincy, and I spent the rest of the night playing on the computer - whoopee. I gave in at the end of the night and played a little GTA:SA before heading to bed.

So today will be a quiet day at work, and a short week - we have Thursday off. Tonight it's a haircut and The Incredibles, tomorrow is the LYC board meeting, Wednesday night is gaming, and nothing planned for this weekend - yay! Sloth rules! :)

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