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The weekend so far...

So Friday was another productive day at work - yay for me. When I got home I got ready and xiaomozi666Tri and I drove out to Viejas Casino. Had a lovely chat and bonding experience on the drive and over dinner (mostly talking about darkscydeDaniel and other people we hate). Then he showed me around the casino and gave me his big tip on how to win (which didn't work). While we were checking out bingo Daniel caught up with us after stopping off to visit his mom and aunt. They went off to play blackjack while I actually won back some money at the penny slots (all in all, if you count Tri paying for dinner, I only lost about $15). We watched Tri lose all the money he'd won, then I went home.

Today I slept in blissfully late, went to tea and had a lovely dinner at Chef's Wok (not many other folks like it but me), then stopped off at Wal*Mart and Vons to get some shopping done, and now I'm home. tdilligaTom is down for the weekend and brought Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and we've been having a rollicking good time jackin', killin', pimpin', and startin' gang wars. Fun for the whole family!

Tomorrow I'm going to LYC brunch at Mary's, then maybe wash my car in the afternoon (if it doesn't rain). I also have to do laundry at some point. Bah. Monday is a haircut then off to see The Incredibles (which both my sister and pinoyboytoyQuincy says roxxors their soxxors), Tuesday is the LYC meeting, Wednesday is Beautiful Boxer, and I think that's it. Yay!

Oh, and fuck the south. We hates them we do! :P

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