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Happiness is a signed hotel contract...

I had the day off for Cesar Chavez day (if you don't know who he is, grab Google and educate yourself), so I slept in (of course), and ran a quick errand down to the hotel to pick up a clean copy of the contract and to walk through the property again. Man, I am SO HAPPY we're there. The rooms were larger than I'd remembered, and I made a few notes, but mostly I just went in to soak up the atmosphere of the place. The lobby is really nice, and the Islands restaurant has a nice feel to it, plus the sushi bar is just so kitschy. Then the big, open area where the pool is is so bright and sunny and just SO southern California it's to die. I popped into the convention space where we'll be holding all the programming and I was once again impressed with it. But then I took a walk through of the Atrium between the two halves of the hotel rooms, and man oh man, it's going to be the hit of the con - koi ponds, waterfalls, little shaded places to sit and talk, and TIKI GODS EVERYWHERE! And it is so NOT tacky it's great. I love it!

Add to that Shaun's doing a wonderful job with the website, which will hopefully go live this weekend, and I'm just giddy. GIDDY, I tell you! Giggling like a little schoolgirl! {tee hee hee!}

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