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A quick update

Didn't update much about this week so I'll do a quick one now.

Monday was dull. Once I got home from work I was too tired to go out that night when schnuderJay called so I basically just settled in, caught up on some e-mail and stuff.

Tuesday after work, however, I was quite pleased to be able to have one last dinner with Jay, logisticsladJed and Mark. I picked up Jay and Jed at the Convention Center, and at the last minute Mark called and said he was available so he met us there as well. We ate at Lotus Thai, then we saw Mark to his hotel, then Jay and Jed and I did my quick 5¢ tour and got dessert at City Deli before dropping Jed then Jay off. It's always fun when my friends overlap, and this one went very well. Thanks for a fun visit! :)

Wednesday night was gaming and while thomasmMyke played a new game with lenniersdHans, paranoydCorby and Kevin while darkscydeDaniel, writethewrongsWyatt, minotaursStuart and I played a mega two-character-per-player game of Epic Duels, then a quick game of TransAmerica. T'was quite fun all 'round, except when poor Stuart just wanted to commit suicide (no, you can't shoot your own players!).

Thursday I was quite tired after work and went to bed early feeling the beginning of whatever flu bug has been going around lately (notably within the household).

Friday I woke up and was on the borderline between going in and staying home, but I knew I could make it through at least half the day, and I had things I needed to get done in case I called out Monday, so I got up. I was hemming and hawing over whether or not to dress up for Halloween or not but then I thought up the burglar costume and decided to run with it as it was very easy. Everyone at work was amused, if dumbfounded, and I was the only one who dressed up (everyone else "forgot"). I really felt like I was coming down with something, so I ended up skipping lunch and leaving early. I came home, rested, and resisted the urge to go out Halloween costume shopping with Daniel and xiaomozi666Tri (although he looked good in my Catwoman costume and he should have just worn that but they had their own ideas). pinoyboytoyQuincy went into work dressed as a civilian and that night we talked about our plans for Thanksgiving. I went to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour.

So today I slept in, and thankfully it looks like I avoided getting sick (for now, at least). Quincy was supposed to call me at noon so we could book our tickets, but he ended up leaving late to go to lunch and then they stopped at a Halloween store to get another costume for tonight's party. He said he was just picking up a few items and was going to do a lame vampire costume, to which I suggested he go on crutches (he laughed but didn't think any of his friends would get it). I had breakfast then loaded up my car with the three bags of clothes I'd culled from my closet back at the beginning of the summer and dropped them off at Goodwill - hooray! On the way I called Mom and she'd been having a bad day - Halloween is making her think of when Dad was sick last year and all he wanted to do was to get better so he could hand out candy at the Disney Store. (Have I mentioned what a heck of a guy he was?) On top of that her mother hasn't been doing great the last couple of days and she's worried about her, so it was just kind of getting to her. Sigh. After I did my best to get her to focus on the positives I headed over to LYC tea, where Vin came for the first time in a while, and it was nice to see him again. No one wanted to go to dinner, so I came home and made something quick to eat, then put on my ghost costume and headed over to the Darkstar Halloween at the Hellmouth (Hans, Annette, Karen & Ryan's place). There was pumpkin carving, many fun people like Keith, Kevin, Christine, Vanessa, caprineAllison, tinyhandJen, Corby and Wyatt (among others), and many laughs were had. :)

And now I shall set my clock back an hour. One more hour of sleep - huzzah!

Tomorrow Q and I will try again to make our Thanksgiving plans, and then Stuart and possibly Daniel and I are going to see Team America and maybe even get around to looking at glasses frames for me so we can take pictures and send them to Q for his perusal.

That's it. 'Night! :D

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