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Weekend update

Thursday night I caught up with T'Ger, his boyfriend Alex and their friend Ryan (?) in Hillcrest and we had dinner at Lotus Thai. Much fun catching up with them! T'Ger really wants to be young and energetic all the time but our ages are starting to show, so I guess having a lover half his age (who is a little ball of energy himself) helps keep him motivated. They were stopping in for the night to see me, spending the day Friday at Black's Beach (T'Ger really should live by the ocean instead of Arkansas), and then heading up to LA for his annual fabric spree (you can see his work at his website). Afterwards we got coffee and tea at David's and I gave them my 5¢ tour of Hillcrest, then they headed off to find a hotel.

Friday was a productive day at work, if a little busy (as MWFs are with Annamarie in the office). Mark got in in the late afternoon so I headed home, got changed, and Daniel and Tri joined us for dinner at Jimmy Carter's. It was great to catch up with him again, plus it turns out he and Jared are continuing with plans to adopt and it could happen any time within the next year - wow! Eventually they plan to settle back in Seattle, which would be cool 'cause then we could go visit. Afterwards we stopped off at Top of the Park but it was late and it was closing. Tri and Daniel took off and I dragged Mark to Kicker's for a lame "hottest butt" contest, but at least I got to sing one country karaoke song. We walked by #1 on Fifth and Flicks but didn't stop in, finally deciding on Rich's. Saw Dr. Christopher working the door, and while we were there we ran into Frank and Larry. Mark kept me out way too late (but hey, he's on vacation), but I walked him back to his hotel, we chatted some more, and I didn't get home until 3:30 am.

No need to say, then, that I slept in way late on Saturday. :) I made breakfast, then went to LYC tea. While I was there Quincy called and we had a good chat, and he caught me up on the end of his week in Bethesda (which you can read about in his journal since he's updating it again). Not many people came to tea but I think that's because everyone was heading to the "Queer Shorts: Unzipped" program at 6:30. I left around 6:00, grabbed something from Quizno's at Hazard Center, and made sure I was there on time since they said I might be able to give a quick plug for LYC. Unfortunately they were running about 30 minutes late, so they had to axe the schpiels for the co-sponsoring groups, but it was all good.

The movies were eclectic and interesting, from revelations about being gay and Asian (and lots of Canadian entries at that) to cute, funny and/or slightly disturbing flicks about love and obsession. I rather enjoyed Full Moon, How Fluttering (I think my favorite out of the series), Porcelain and In Search of Truth From Banana Relationships (very amusing!), and was left rather befuddled (but still thinking about) Chinese Tom, My German Boyfriend and Everything.

Afterwards was a small reception, and their special guest was the guy who won Fame (never heard of him or it). Tri and Daniel needed to get going so I drove them back to their car (called my sister on the way there so she could tell me about how my nephew's marching band had their scores added wrong and actually won when they thought they lost but didn't find out until after they got home - very odd - and called Q quick to say goodnight), then went to David's to hang out with some LYC folks who went to the movie. Mark joined us since he was staying at the hotel next door, then dropped him off at Flicks but I went home.

Sunday I slept in again (I spent some time contemplating the fact that once I actually move in with Quincy these days will be few, far between and much more precious), made breakfast, watched some TV, talked to Quincy (who was also having a boring day, but I gave him his new default icon so that was a good thing since I'm sick of seeing my face all over his journal), and finally got myself together to go to dinner with schnuder. Yay! Daniel, Tri and Myke joined us at Pizza Nova, and much fun was had. This is the first time we've spent time together outside of Pennsic, but we had many other geeky things to talk about, like SMOFing and sci-fi stuff. Afterwards I gave him my 5¢ tour of Hillcrest and dropped him off back at his hotel, and on the way home I got gas and stopped at Vons.

So today is work, busy again. Tonight and/or tomorrow night I'm hoping to get Jay, Mark and Jed together for dinner - that would be fun. Otherwise no plans for this week except for gaming Wednesday and Halloween on Sunday. Oh, and we get that extra hour on Sunday - another sweet, sweet hour of sleep. :D

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