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Update on this week

Awoke to clear, sunny skies today, so it looks like the rain has finally moved on, sadly. This means we're probably good until March or April, so it's back to 75° weather and sunny skies - oh noes! ;)

Not too much to update from the last few days. Work has been busy, and my boss seems to be on edge about something (I think it's because she's subsuming half of another department and it's making her antsy, but it's annoying). Been getting a lot accomplished, though, and the belated birthday lunch on Monday was nice.

Monday and Tuesday after work I just watched TV and putzed around on the computer (and of course went to bed too late each night), punctuated Monday night by bringing adventdragon dinner at his new job (what a good ate I am). Last night the gang came over and thomasm made scrummy slow-cooked peppered beef and noodles for dinner and we all played Guillotine, then we split up and half played Strange Synergy while we played Carcassonne with all the expansions (except King & Scout) for the first time, which made for a very interesting experience (thanks to lenniersd for getting us to do it!).

Quincy has been in Bethesda this week and has gone out the last couple of nights (last night to a gay sports bar - he's just been trying different places around Dupont Circle), but he doesn't want a bar, he wants to go dancing (plus the weather there has been sucky so he hasn't been very enthusiastic). Fortunately there are places happening on Thursdays, so since he had off from his training today (some base preparedness thing) he's having lunch and going out tonight (although Aries hasn't called him back, which is a little odd, but it sounds like he's having some fun on his own). I'm just glad he's getting out and about - it's a nice break from the boring place he lives.

Tonight T'Ger and Alex will be in town from Arkansas so we'll likely hang out or have dinner or somesuch, plus I need to go pick up the tickets for the San Diego Asian Film Festival (LYC is co-sponsoring "Queer Shorts: Unzipped," a program of LGBT-themed short films). Tomorrow Mark from MIT gets into town and we'll probably head out to Kicker's and hang out while he's in town next week for the neurosciences conference. I also need to call my youngest nephew for his birthday (although it was actually Tuesday but they're celebrating it Friday). Saturday is tea and then the film festival. No plans for Sunday; in fact, no plans through next week until Halloween.

Keen. :)

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