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It's amazing what I can get accomplished in the hour before my weekly meeting with my boss. :D I do work better with deadlines, no doubt about it. I also know what my problem is - I can do things fast and efficiently, for the most part. Knowing that, I slack off - "Eh, I can get it done later and still get it done faster than anyone else would have done it." And yes, I've seen it happen when you get things done quickly, and management's reward is to give you more work to do (because you got everything done so quickly, you see). Still, I need to be better about getting things done in a more timely manner, and I am improving. And as much as I might grumble about having to meet with my boss every week to go over my "To Do" list, I must admit I feel very caught up right now. :) Plus I think I know how I'm going to handle the error I made, which is basically present that I screwed up, how I fixed it, and how it won't happen again. A bitter pill, but I'll survive.

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