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Ol' Four Eyes Is Back

One bit of good news - my insurance company said they'd take back my contact lens reimbursement for the year so I can use the eyeglasses benefit instead. I wanted to do this while Q was in town, but I didn't realize at the time it was a one or the other option, and I'd save a LOT more money by getting the glasses benefit instead of the contacts (plus I can get the contacts reimbursement again next year).

Now the question is, who's going to come with me to pick out frames? Who has tastes equal to that of the Q-man?

I'm thinking Tri. He has mad style skillz. Plus he's Asian, which means Quincy has less to argue about if he doesn't like them. :P Or maybe I should take a whole team of Asian boys - Michael, Yudi, Frank, maybe some of the LYC bois. If these boys know how to work A/X I'm sure they can help me frame my face!

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