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Two... no, THREE fabulous things today...

1. The hotel agreed to the contract with my one proposed change, and signed it, so I'm DONE. Six and a half weeks of agony over. Yay!

2. Another GoH said yes almost immediately via e-mail. Two down, one to go...

3. Shaun did an AWESOME job with the mock-up of the website, which should go live by the weekend. Yay!

Two bad things though - I haven't been getting as much work done lately at work as I should be, so I'm kind of feeling guilty. I also found out today that I dropped the ball on a financial matter (through ignorance, not so much sloth), and although I've personally rectified it, I'm debating how I should approach my boss to tell her about it. We have our weekly meeting tomorrow morning, so I may broach it then - we'll see. And I still haven't completely cleared the air with my second boss, but since our styles don't mesh, he actually doesn't give me very much to do (and has been busy on other projects lately anyway). Still, had a positive all-departmental meeting this morning, and now that I'm finished with the hotel I can accomplish more at work.

But I'll just concentrate on the positive things. :D

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