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The big birthday weekend update!

Here ya go! I'm cutting the bulk of it 'cause this is a looooooooooong post, but worth it - so much happened in one weekend! Squee!

So Thursday after work I hopped over to Ralphs with my fondue recipies and spent several hours shopping for food. Much fun, although it reminded esprixme that I don't know nearly enough about cooking or about foods I don't eat myself but might prepare for others (fortunately fondue means they cook it their own damned selves!). Came home, grated cheese, went to bed.

I got into work on Friday to find balloons taped to my door. Turns out they'd been waiting for me to leave Thursday to do it since two of my teammates were out Friday. Annamarie gave me a card and said she'd like to take the whole team out to lunch, which looks like we'll be able to do Monday. She also let me go a little early so I could get home and get to cooking.

Fortunately darkscydeDaniel had asked before if he could help me get ready, so he and xiaomozi666Tri spent part of the afternoon cubing meat and chopping up veggies. Meanwhile I stopped off at Target to pick up the second fondue pot, and remembered to use the balance on the gift card I got in June so it ended up only costing me about $15 - yay! Then it was home to finish prepping for the big par-tay.

I'd originally invited about 20 people, knowing that about 10 would decline, since 8-10 is about the maximum for fondue. Happily I put that limit to test as I ended up with 14 people! Attending were Christopher, Bill, the_bigbadwolfDavid, ben_raccoonBen, caprineAllison, tdilligaTom, Carson (a Pennsic friend from NYC in town interviewing for a new job), udmanYudi and his friend Daniel, thomasmMyke and jkustersJohn, Daniel and Tri and me! The cheese was fun (especially with the apples), although there was a heavy wine taste to it. Not a lot of people used the broth for the meats (took several minutes), but the oil worked great (and the veggies tasted good after they'd soaked in the broth for a while - very yummy!). And of course the chocolate was a big hit (although I may have burned it just a tad). I heard a rumor that some folks were getting impatient and were thinking about ordering a pizza because they wanted to eat now (which is contrary to the very definition of fondue), but it didn't materialize. We ended up playing a couple games as well (Epic Duels and Carcassonne), but never did get around to watching a movie. I also got some nifty presents (which I'll wrap up at the end). During the course of dinner Daniel got a phone call from a friend about getting picked up at the airport (more on this in a moment), and then pinoyboytoyQuincy called around midnight to wish me a happy birthday.

Tom had invited me to dim sum on Saturday at 1 so I was just lounging in bed around 11 half asleep and trying to rouse myself to get out of bed when Daniel comes into my room. "You remember I said I had a present so great you'd be mad if I took it back? Well here he is."

And in walks Quincy.

And the first thing I am reported to have said was, "I haven't cleaned my room yet!" :D

Much squeeing ensued. I've missed him terribly. I also had a sneaking suspicion he was planning to surprise me, but they were such little things I didn't think they added up to anything big enough for me to j'accuse (like asking if my vacation days could be taken at the last minute when we were making plans three weeks in advance, for example) so I didn't say anything. The phone call at the party was him telling Daniel their flight (he came with his friend, Darwin) from LA to San Diego had been cancelled and they were staying the night and coming in Saturday morning (he'd hoped to make it to the party to really surprise me). Right after that call, though, he called me and was talking about still being in DC, so at that point I figured there wasn't any plot, so him coming in on Saturday really was a surprise. :)

After that we had to drive all the way down to Chula Vista to pick up Darwin (he was staying at his uncle's house, even though his uncle was away that weekend), and then met up with Tom, Daniel and David for dim sum (late, of course - didn't know we'd have to drive all the way to CV). We stopped by the Philadelphia Sandwich Co. nearby and I got some Tastykake Chocolate Juniors, then we stopped by Q's old house but his roommate wasn't home, then we went and walked around Hillcrest for a while (and I got a neat gift for Allison at Rainbow Road), and at 4:30 we went to LYC tea where folks were very surprised to see him. Daniel had let it slip at dim sum that Q had planned a surprise party at Mandarin Garden at Mira Mesa Mall, so we met up with a whole bunch of folks there for dinner - Tri, Daniel, Carson, Yudi, Frank, mike14780Michael, Darwin, Chris, me, Q, Travis and Vince. After that they dragged me out to Bourbon Street, and after that dancing at Numbers. Much Darwin drama, mostly revolving around him sort-of kind-of coming out and kissing on a boy on the dance floor, then on the ride home blaming Quincy for "pressuring" him into doing it on a dare. Didn't stop him from calling the guy the next day and going out with him again, though. Ugh. After we dropped him off we went home and went to bed.

Sunday we were going to do brunch at Hamburger Mary's but by the time we picked up Darwin and then ended up picking up Quincy's friend Yeris we had lunch instead. Quincy and Yeris have a pretty unique relationship that I know means a lot to both of them (they were in basic training together but didn't come out to each other until afterwards), so it was nice watching them interact and catch up. Afterwards we dropped Darwin off (did I mention I put over 350 miles on my car this weekend?), came home and, um, er, "rested" for a while. (Yeah, that's it!) I also opened the box my Good Sister had sent me for my birthday - Tastykake Koffee Kakes and Archway Icebox Chocolate Chip Cookies! Yum! Then we went back to CV yet again, picked up Darwin, and met up with Michael for dinner at Amarin Thai (after Darwin had invited the boy from Numbers, Adam, to join us, although he didn't). After that it was back to Mary's for Detour (ran into Mark and Edwin), and Darwin spent most of the night dancing with Adam and his friends. We finally were ready to go around midnight, but Darwin decided to stay because Adam was heading off to Rich's (where Darwin almost got into a fight with someone on the dance floor) and he ended up taking a cab home, plus told Quincy he wanted to stay home tomorrow (hmmm!). Q and I just headed home and went to bed.

Unfortunately I really needed to go into work at least for a few hours on Monday, so Quincy decided to take my car and see Flor and some friends from the base. Unfortunately on the way in I had another case of water in my gas tank (as happened once before) but fortunately it stalled by a gas station so Q bought a gas can and we got it started to get it there to fill it up. Then I was off to work while he was off visiting friends (including getting new toothbrushes from Flor). After he was done with lunch he came and picked me up (ended up working for about 5 hours) and we went right to the Shiley Eye Center so we could pick out frames for me to get glasses, only to discover my benefits for 2004 had been maxed out when I put in for my contacts. Grrr! I'll figure something out. So we came home, I got something to eat, got a birthday card from Mom with a nice check, and we watched a couple episodes of Greg the Bunny that Q had gotten me for my birthday.

Q also took the opportunity to mend an old fence with his cousin James and surprisingly he bit, so we got ready quick and I dropped him off at James' apartment so they could talk things over. Meanwhile I went to Marshalls in Mission Valley to exchange the pants I bought for Conjecture but they didn't have my size. I was going to meet up with Tri and Daniel across the street at Target before dinner but I ended up calling my mom and talking for a while since it would have been their 46th anniversary (she was all cried out by the time I called her, so we had a nice conversation). From there I picked up Tri and we met up with Michael, Myke and John for dinner at Pizza Nova. (Quote of the evening by Michael: "Oh, they have pizza at Pizza Nova!" Such a blond.) After that Q wanted to check out Margarita's (formerly Margarita Mary's), so he and Michael had a couple of strong drinks (and my ex/trick V was bartending, so it was nice to see him). It was a bit much for my little lush so we got him home and in bed at a reasonable time 'cause he had a headache (boy can't hold his booze like he used to methinks). I think we caught another episode of Greg before he passed out though.

We decided we'd hit SeaWorld on Tuesday, so after a few errands we picked up Darwin and headed over. We rode all the major stuff, including Journey to Atlantis, Wild Arctic, Haunted Lighthouse and Shipwreck Rapids (the waterfall didn't turn off so we got soaked), we ate at the Shipwreck Cafe, we saw the penguins and sharks and fed the mantas (just for Daniel), and ended the day at the Shamu Adventure show. We also bought the picture they take as you enter the park, so I'll scan that and post it later. We went home to rest a bit and change while I looked for my rental agreement for Yudi (he finally wants to sign something with Brady) but I couldn't find it. We called around and decided to have dinner at Brians' for one last hurrah, so we picked up Tri (Daniel couldn't make it) and had dinner with him and Yudi, Michael, Q's friend from medical school George (he ran into him at Numbers on Saturday night), Myke and John, and Travis stopped in to say goodbye (which Q really seemed to appreciate - a little too much, methinks). Afterwards we stopped by James' so Q could drop off his present to him from last Christmas (they've been incommunicado for that long), then dropped Tri and Darwin off. On the way home James called Q and sounded really touched by the present (it was one of the several pieces he made for a select few - I got Pasty Pale White Boy and Pinoy Boy Toy). When we got home we went right to bed since they had an early flight in the morning.

Got up bright and early on Wednesday at 5:30 am, threw in my eyeballs, and got Q to the airport right on time. Darwin was kind and had taken a cab, but I got to say goodbye to him before he went through security. Always hard to say goodbye to my Q, but we already have plans to go to Walt Disney World with my mother over Thanksgiving, so I have something to look forward to. Still... {sigh} :(

I ran back home, got myself together, and actually made it into work right on time for a change. At lunchtime I went to Vons and picked up the rest of my pictures from Disneyland with Lyttle John, Conjecture and nollyCathy's birthday party and tried a new yummy Stouffer's chicken ravioli. After work was game night - Myke got all the fixin's for sandwiches, and even though only Kevin could make it (Corby & Wyatt were at a book signing with Laurell K. Hamilton at Mysterious Galaxy) we decided to take the opportunity to teach him a couple of games we play but he hasn't yet, namely Burn Rate and Strange Synergy (which Daniel decided to call a draw 'cause he's a PUSSY). I also got in a few loads of laundry which I desperately need to catch up on.

Yesterday was fairly productive at work, although I was still exhausted from Q's trip. At lunchtime I went over to the Marshall's near work and they had the right sized pants, so I exchanged them and bought myself a valet for my dresser (my father had one and I like the idea). I got home and finished up the agenda for the LYC Executive Committee meeting at Toan's, and on the way to the meeting I called Quincy and found out he was at the Margaret Cho concert - yay! During the meeting we accepted Yudi's verbal resignation (relayed through me) and formally voted Chris onto the EC as well. We're planned out through the end of the year - shocking! It's nice to be ahead of the game.

On the way home from the meeting I had a chat with Yudi. I told him I'd done his dirty work by relaying his verbal resignation so he wouldn't have to deal with the confrontation (which he hates doing), and he couldn't understand why I told him it would have been better if he'd done this himself. Although he took responsibility for his actions (missing meetings, for example), he didn't acknowledge the consequences that came about, and tried to blame his not taking action after things got bad on everyone mocking him behind his back. I pointed out to him that I was the one that told him what everyone was saying about him, and that I agreed with most of it, but he wanted everyone to treat him nicer, even though he was the one that made himself out to look like a smacked ass (especially with that e-mail touting his EC status when he hadn't been to a meeting in months). I think what really was sticking in his craw was everyone comparing him to Paul, since he did the same thing last year and the EC called him on it. I basically told him that no one blames him for resigning because his job is interfering, but he should have done this six months ago, and he should have had the courtesy of respecting everyone on the Committee by finally owning up either in person or in writing to everyone, not just me who he's friends with.

We were also talking about the weekend since I'd seen him so much (much more so than over the last few months), and the subject of Travis came up. Quincy had mentioned to me earlier that he'd talked with Travis about Yudi wanting to get back together, but this is the first time Yudi had said it to me. Evidently he realizes now what a big mistake it was to dump Travis, and that he really misses him and would like to get back together. Unfortunately, Travis has been dating someone and seems pretty happy, but they did discuss it and Travis said that if he broke up with this guy that he'd consider getting back together with Yudi, but they'd have to start over and wouldn't just jump back into things because they'd just end up breaking up again. Frankly I'm a little shocked - I figured Travis would be once burned, twice shy about it, but I also know that if he weren't interested in getting back together he'd say so. Might be an interesting development...

When I got home it was another load of laundry, a few games of Zuma, and Quincy called back to tell me about the concert and to say goodnight.

Today it's work work work, and I might join up with Yudi and his current boyfriend du jour at Kicker's tonight, but I also wanted to wash my car. Sadly, I will probably fall asleep when I get home - so tired (but worth it)!

On to my presents! I got:

Thank you to everyone for coming out to spend time with me and Quincy - it's much appreciated and made for another happy birthday!

Edited to add: Forgot to include that Myke & John got me Farscape and the Carcassonne expansion, and Quincy got me Greg the Bunny and Invader Zim. Sorry guys!

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