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Can it be over now? Please?

After six weeks of dickering, and the hotel being sneaky (intentionally or not), I signed the contract today - FINALLY. Problem is, right up until the last moment they were still trying to get out of what we'd already agreed on. In the end I had to eat some room nights I thought were ours from the start, but it turns out those were supposed to be for our con suite. On the plus side, she kind of stuck her foot in her mouth by offering us two suite upgrades when we only needed one, so she sent me the "final" copy but I corrected it to read "one suite and attached sleeping room COMPLIMENTARY" and then signed it and faxed it back, so now if they want to be sticklers for one lousy room it's up to them to retype the contract and send it back to me yet again, so nyeh - it's not like she didn't try that move on me more than once! Still, I'm glad I had the experience of negotiating the contract (as complicated as it was), and I think in the end we have a fair contract at a great hotel, so I was a little nervous signing it, but mostly relieved and happy.

Now I have to let the other hotels down gently... ;)

Oh, had dinner and watched "Clue" on Friday, did coffee and dinner and went two-stepping Saturday, and cleaned the house and had a staff meeting yesterday. Today I got nothing accomplished at work. This week I have nothing planned for any weeknight, which is a welcome change. In fact, I don't think I even have anything planned for this weekend - maybe I'll go to Disneyland! :D

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