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Wednesday & Thursday update

Yesterday I got into work late but still beat everyone else in, which means I could go out for lunch instead of being dutiful and skipping it entirely. I ran down to Grand Avenue in Pacific Beach to check out some of the thrift stores, and although I didn't find another fondue set I did pick up a new pair of black boots for costuming (the ones I have are too small and very uncomfortable). After work I got a haircut from Liz (she gave me some great fondue ideas, too), then stopped off at Wal-Mart and K-Mart, neither of which had fondue sets (they both, however, had the same hot little Flip - he had that straight boy Pinoy attitude that made me want to bend him over and fuck him rough until he gave into the pleasure, but since those days are past me now I just checked out his ass). When I got home the house was full of gamers, but instead of calling Orkin we broke into two groups and played Lord of the Rings, Cosmic Encounter, Transamerica and Epic Duels. When I finally got online I saw Quincy's post (so sweet!), and also got a few responses to my wanted listing on, so maybe I'll get that second fondue set after all.

Today I hit Target at lunch, and yes they have fondue sets but the cheapest they have is $30, so it's my plan B. I got back in time to meet sacredessence at my office who was kind enough to give me an old fondue set she has and wanted to get rid of - thank you, Holly! Tonight I'll head home, change, and then make a food run for what I need. Yay! Hopefully along the way I'll be able to pick up a second set from one of the craigslist folks.

Then tomorrow night is the party, Saturday is the Dopefest, and hopefully I'll be able to spend some time with Carson. Oh, and T'Ger called me today and he and Alex will be in San Diego around October 23-24 - yay!

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