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Faboo Saturday

A very nice day all 'round.

Yesterday I was very tired when I got home from work and ended up vegging in front of the TV all night and going to bed at some reasonable hour. I talked to Q in the afternoon (feeling better, although still a little sniffly), but knew I wouldn't talk to him at night because he was going out clubbing with Aries, but it's all good.

Today I got up early (for me), got myself together and had a quick breakfast while making myself lunch, and hopped in the car. I called Q quick and he said he and Aries had gone to brunch, and were heading out to a housewarming later and then clubbing.

I finally arrived downtown to board the Spirit of San Diego for a lunchtime San Diego Bay cruise with LYC. T'was quite fun, except for the running commentary the entire two hours from the captain who thought he was funny. (He wasn't.) Otherwise we had 30 people turn out, we all brought our own lunches, and the club provided dessert. We want to do it again, although next time an evening cruise without the comedian.

On the way to Bamboo Tea I stopped off at the Halloween store at Horton Plaza to look through their stuff (I took Dale in my car since he was heading that way anyway). They have a very large selection and I wanted to see if I could cull some more ideas for Conjecture and/or Halloween. I tried on the "Ghostly Gentleman" costume and rather liked it, but I also saw another costume that made me laugh out loud, and it's the same price, so I might do that instead (but I won't tell so it'll be a surprise). I was also rather taken with the half-mask concept, which leaves your mouth free, which might be a thought, and I have one from years past that I might dig up and use (again, I won't tell). So still thinking, but now plotting (and it will definitely involve the fog machine).

Before tea got rolling I finished editing the events info for the Conjecture program book and sent it off to caprineAllison, had tea with the boys, and then headed out since I wasn't in the mood for dinner. I stopped off at Target to look over their Halloween stuff but wasn't impressed.

After dinner I lounged mostly, and have to finish some laundry so I have something comfortable to wear to DCA tomorrow, and I'm meeting John at 10:00 - ugh. But I should be ok - it's Disneyland, after all! :D

Oh, and here's pictures from darkscydeDaniel's birthday party. Enjoy!

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