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Update of the week

Wednesday at work was the balance of our intern interviews (one was half an hour late - not a great way to make a first impression), and I had my first weekly meeting with Annamarie since her return, so we caught up. Went to Submarina for lunch - yum! After work was our gaming night, with another successful turnout (8 total), plus pizza for dinner and we played Guillotine, Epic Duels and Carcasonne. Of course Quincy calls right as I'm finishing up a game, so I call him back in like 5 minutes but he gave me all kinds of cute Q attitude anyway. My honey - I lurves him so. :D And of course I went to bed too late. Harumph.

Thursday was a casual day since I knew it would just be me and Ebonye in the office (of course she left early, and I do wish she'd stop copying Annamarie on every e-mail she sends me - it makes her look like such a schoolyard tattletale). On the way home while turning over my costuming dilemma in my mind I decided to pop down to Party City to look through their storebought costumes, specifically the "Ghostly Gentleman" that I've been eyeing. Didn't get any costumes, but decided to get the fog machine they had on sale for $20, which I have plans to use for my entrance to the Masquerade. :D (It'll also be keen for the SDQSF room party!) On the way to the store I called to Glenn about this weekend, but unfortunately both he and Stanton are busy. Blah. I was hoping to catch up with them. After I got home I ate dinner, watched some TV and called Q but he was still driving home from a 5-hour trip to Ikea for hangars, so we talked a little later than usual. I, shall we say, expressed my thoughts on his inability to accept my gaming schedule. :D It's all good. Unfortunately he's come down with a cold, but he has today off so he's resting (until he heads out cruising with Aries, but what can I do?).

Today has been a quiet day mostly. I did catch up with Michelle on some office gossip, which is always fun. At lunch I went to Vons and picked up the remainder of my Pennsic pictures and the pictures I took at adventdragon's birthday party (I'll post them soon). I also finally found pre-fried chow mein noodles! Finally! Snacking on them with lunch today. :) Unfortunately I called Suncoast about my order of Farscape season 3 only to find out that they'd cancelled it because they caught their pricing error before they shipped out their backordered copies. Grrr... Oh well.

Not sure what I'll do tonight - probably futz around with my pictures, and I need to do some laundry soon. Tomorrow is the LYC lunch boat cruise, and then I'll probably go to tea and dinner, too. Then Sunday is Disney's California Adventure with Lyttle John, and Monday night is nolly's birthday dinner. Yay!

Oh, and it's 1 week to Conjecture. :D

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