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Costuming suggestions

OK, Conjecture is a week from tomorrow (GACK!) and Halloween isn't too far behind, and dammit I need some new costumes, especially since I'm MC for the Masquerade. This year's theme is horror/science fiction fusion, so I've been toying around with a bunch of ideas, plus ones I've been wanting to do for a while:

  • A Centauri from Babylon 5
  • "If vampires dressed as goths," i.e., pastel colors and natural skintone makeup
  • A "gentlemanly ghoul" costume (saw it at Party City)
  • My Victorian garb (forest green velvet jacket with velvet pants and a white silk poufy shirt)
  • Something from my copious SCA wardrobe (kimonos, Chinese, kilts, generic peasant garb, slightly fancier Italian Ren-ish garb, etc.)
Or do the masses have some other suggestions for me? Keep in mind I don't have much time...

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