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Good... but bad...

Lots of interesting things happened today:

* Yudi's first day of work at his new job. (That's good!) It's not exactly what he wants, but he needs a job and the city hasn't called yet. He hates being in new situations - he just wants to be done with it and get to work. At least he said his co-workers seemed very nice. Maybe he can actually be out at work.

* jkusters got laid off today. (That's bad!) He kind of expected it, and in a lot of ways is relieved, and if it weren't for that whole having to find a new job and all, it would probably be a completely happy time. As it is, it's a reserved kind of hope, but still no wailing and gnashing of teeth. Good things will come of it, in time, I'm sure.

* My boss was out of town today. (That's good!) Good day at work to just catch up and get some things done.

* I have to go to the dentist. (That's bad!) Just noticed a big cavity on the very tooth I need to get capped anyway. Time to check out what kind of dental coverage I have, I guess.

* The hotel agreed to our last demand. (That's good!) They will name the rooms we get, but only if we (once again) guarantee them 85% of our room block. It's weird, because we're already guaranteeing them it, and even if we fall short we plan on outright paying for the balance of room nights to make up the difference, but they want all those clauses in there. Truth is, if we don't make our room block, we'd be so far from our goal that it would be cheaper to cancel than buy up empty rooms, and at that point the con would be a bust anyway, so it's all moot. Still, if it makes the hotel happy, then so be it - I'm just glad I got what I wanted (mostly). I sign the contract tomorrow or Wednesday, and then I'm done with it.

* My dad's back in the hospital. (That's bad!) Seems like intestinal blockage, likely from scar tissue from the surgery. Of course they waited until they came back from Florida, and he'd been having symptoms since before they left, but my parents believe if you ignore something long enough, it'll go away, right? BAH. Piss me off. Still, the initial blood work came back fine, so hopefully it'll just be a matter of using ultrasound to clear the blockage and he'll be fine.

* I finished my laundry tonight. (That's good!) I now have things to wear to work.

* I got stood up on a coffee date tonight. (That's bad!) No biggie - just a casual meeting. I'll find out what happened later (damn California flakes!).

* The Dopers are thinking of doing a Starcraft game. (That's good!) Always wanted to play online, and recently rediscovered the game, so I may join in.

So, adding them up, the goods outweight the bads by 5 to 4 (just barely). So I guess it's a good day. :)

Had fun yesterday - slept in a bit, then Daniel and his new boy Jeff (who I approve of) and Yudi came over and we played Guillotine and Star Wars Monopoly and hit Mimi's for dinner (had a yummy pot roast). Saturday I did LYC coffee and dinner with Yudi, and then we went to see "Daredevil" with Peter and Johnny, which was also quite fun.

Watched some TV tonight, folded laundry, no biggie. Tomorrow night Yudi and I go get our hair cut and colored (he's going for maroon highlights, which I think will look good on him). Wednesday night is lobster dinner night with LYC. Thursday Yudi is taking this new friend of his (that he spent all last week with) Miles to dinner with Pat and Johnny, and this weekend I've got a birthday party, Gaylaxicon staff meeting, and I might go to Disneyland.

Go me!

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