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What a great day!

A series of fortunate events:

  • Got an e-mail that Southwest's featured destination this week is... San Diego! Round trip from BWI is only $188, which is pretty darned good, considering a certain someone needs to come visit me soon... ;)

  • Unfortunately, while doublechecking if said dear pinoyboytoyQuincy could take advantage of that for my birthday weekend, I discovered that I don't get Columbus Day off like I thought. Oh well - I have some vacation and can still take it off if I want to.

  • At lunchtime I went to Vons to drop off three more rolls of film, which include the remainder of my Pennsic photos, my pictures from darkscydeDaniel's birthday, and some pictures of stuff I want to sell on eBay. Otherwise, that particular Vons sucks - it didn't have half the stuff I wanted. Harumph.

  • Work was fine - it was a productive day, although Ebonye still tries to use me as her lackey whenever she can, and some unit officers still don't get that we partner with them, not do their jobs for them. Ugh.

  • I seemed to see cops everywhere today, which reminded me that I needed to put on my registration sticker (which I did after work).

  • Stopped at Vons on the way home from work and got the rest of my shopping done. I seemed to get everything I needed on sale, which was a bonus, and didn't buy too many things I didn't immediately need (even though I was getting hungry, which is always a bad time for me to go food shopping).

  • I got home to find a box waiting for me on the front porch - the picture I bought from Sandra Santara at Pennsic, "Shaman," finally arrived! Hooray! Now I need to go out and buy another frame.

  • Checked the mail and found yet another box for me, from Lo and behold, an early birthday present - Laurell K. Hamilton's Cerulean Sins, one of the latest in the Anita Blake series! Thanks, jpiconJacob! That was really very kind of you! :D

  • Alas, I found a jury summons, but the good news is I served less than 2 years ago, so they'll likely excuse me. Yay!

  • The house was empty when I got home, so I relaxed a bit, made myself some beef noodle Hamburger Helper, and started watching Sleepy Hollow.

  • Quincy called and we had a nice chat, and it looks like we finalized plans for my birthday. Unfortunately it turns out he does have training the weekend of my birthday (which he's actually really bummed about), but he's going to come out the following weekend instead - YAY! I don't care if it's my birthday or not, I just wanna see my sweetie! :D So expect a small gathering for my actual birthday, but a larger get together of some kind the weekend after so all of our friends can see him (you can see me any time!).

  • After we hung up I finished watching the movie, and thomasmMyke filled me in on all the hotel problems we're having with Conjecture, for which he's Hotel Liaison this year (I was last year). Ugh! But in the end I think we'll be ok, although this puts us in a nice position with the hotel when we negotiate for next year's contract, since it looks like they really didn't have their act together for reservations.
So now it's late, and I'm tired, but it's nice to reflect on what a good day it was. Yay! :D

  • 4 years finally over!

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