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Friday & Saturday

Friday at work was fine - team meeting in the morning, then finalizing the interviews for Monday. When I got home from work darkscydeDaniel called and invited me to join him and xiaomozi666Tri for dinner at Red Lobster. After waiting over an hour for the food I made sure to let the manager about it when we left, but, alas, no break on the check. Then we went to Dave & Busters where I spent more money to gain more points to buy cheap crappy things (sadly, the one cheap crappy thing they had that I wanted, they were out of - of course). Still, t'was fun annoying Daniel while he was playing Speed Demon. Big money, baby! After that it was home and bed.

I got up this morning later than I wanted to, so I rushed through my shower and came downstairs running only a few minutes late... only to discover that the meeting started an hour later than I thought it did. Drat. Well, at least I had enough time to make breakfast and still make the meeting on time. Productive, if frought with tangents (although I admit that I'm getting better at accepting that some people - who shall remain nameless - will always run with whatever conversational tangent they get their hands on; it's frustrating at times, but it's also why doing this stuff with friends is so worthwhile, and besides, could I ask the wind not to blow, the birds not to sing, or fen not to, well, be fen?). Afterwards was the fan gathering in the same locale, and it was nice that Zoe and Stuart from SDQSF came. I chatted with a few folks (I'd brought some games but no one played them), and then I took off to hit LYC tea.

On the way to tea, my car stopped dead on the 5. Just... sputtered and stopped. Quite inconvenient. I let it sit for a few minutes as it felt like water in the gas, but it still wouldn't keep going once it turned over, so I called AAA. About 10 minutes later a tow truck showed up, put in a few gallons of gas, and lo and behold I was on my way. I made it to tea about 20 minutes before it ended, and then a bunch of us went off to eat dinner at Sanfilippi's, which coincidentally enough was where pinoyboytoyQ and I had our first date - AW! After dinner I stopped and got some fuel injector fluid and some high octane gas, and now she's purrin' like a kitten (not bad for a '95 that just hit the 100K mark!).

So then it was home, chatted with robbie7577Robbie online (got to see his webcam too - ooo!), and shortly it will be bedtime. Maybe one more game of Zuma... ;)

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