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End of the day...

Well so much for cleaning the bathroom - ended up watching a couple of episodes of Family Plots (sometimes that show is very difficult for me to watch), then the episode of DS9 I thought was where Dax dies (which I've never seen) but it wasn't (forgive me, darkscydeDaniel, for skipping ahead - I promise penance for my sin).

Had pizza for dinner. Yay. :)

Had a nice long lovely chat with pinoyboytoyQ, although the poor lad got another write-up today, so I was suitably comforting (wasn't really anything bad, but he's so honest he had to tell his lieutenant and she had to write him up because it was a procedural thing). In better news he's going to see if he has to do some training over my birthday weekend or not, and if not he's willing to come out here - yay! So I'm trying to come up with "with Quincy" and "without Quincy" options for what I want to do for my birthday. Also talked about joining my mother at Walt Disney World for Thanksgiving, which would be keen.

Plus I found out the boxed set of Farscape I ordered actually shipped today, so I got it for $30! Yay!

Still trying to decide what to do for Conjecture/Halloween. Since we have a sci-fi/horror fusion this year, I'm thinking of doing something a little more grotesque. We'll see what inspires me...

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