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This could be it!

Got what will hopefully be the last call from the hotel niggling over stuff. Although I wasn't happy with a few clauses, I accepted them (and noted my objections). I really think they shot themselves in the foot by not waiving the room rental fees in lieu of a catered function, but that's their problem (sadly, that means we might not be able to do the Thursday night dinner like I want). The one thing she said she wouldn't do, which every other hotel will do, is actually list what rooms we'll be in. She said they've never done this before. Problem is, I won't sign a contract that doesn't have this in it. You think I'm going to let her move us all over the friggin' hotel just because we didn't make enough room nights for her? Not bloodly likely. Adam said I should ask her if she really wants costumed sci-fi geeks roaming the hotel, but rather I asked her if she really wanted to take the chance on putting someone (on Easter weekend, mind you) in the middle of a queer convention - some people, after all, have an iddy-biddy problem with that. Hopefully these arguments (among others) will persuade her, and I'm even willing to make some concessions to make sure we get it - or I won't sign. I'll go over her head and argue my case to her manager directly if I have to. I think I impressed upon her that this was a necessity for us, so hopefully they'll budge a little and we can FINALLY sign this motherfucker on Monday. I also waved Conjecture (possibly 2005) and Westercon 2006 under her nose, so maybe that'll way them, eh?

I want this to be done, dammit!

Next up - some author guests of honor, please... ;)

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