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Last few days

So what happened to summer? Sunday it was hot as the dickens, then Sunday night it turned cold (well, cold by southern California standards - back to 75°), and now it looks like fall has arrived - WHOMP! I noticed it used to do that back in Philly, too - the day after Labor Day it would just suddenly turn into autumn overnight. Weird, but welcomed - these last few weeks have been unbearably hot (well, hot by southern California standards - in the 80's!).

Friday night I took it easy. darkscydeDaniel took me to Miramar College to be his cheerleader to get over the wall, but it wasn't happening. Afterwards the household went out to dinner at Islands.

Saturday I had my annual eye exam and bought another year's worth of contact lenses (got a price break plus a rebate plus will get money back from my insurance, so it's all good). From there I went to the Living Room to do some work online before the (rescheduled) LYC Executive Committee meeting at Bamboo Tea (which went well), followed by Saturday tea and dinner at Amarin Thai.

Now udmanYudi called Friday night and asked me to bring some of my games for Travis' party on Saturday (i.e., mundane games, i.e., games Yudi wants/is actually able to play, i.e., "games that you don't have to think about," i.e., "NOT games your roommates like to play," i.e., Clue, Uno, Jenga, Apples to Apples, etc., nothing too "geeky"). I told him sure, I'd bring them to the party, but he said, no, bring them to the meeting (which of course he couldn't attend) and he'd pick them up from me. When I got to the Living Room I thought, hmmm, I'll just leave the in the car and when he shows up I'll give him my keys, but then I thought, hmmm, Yudi will definitely be running late and will probably get mad that I don't have them right there for him to take, so I should bring them in with me (after all, I was really doing this for Travis, not Yudi). So I schlep them to the Living Room, then to Bamboo Tea... and of course he never shows up anyway, so I schlep them to dinner, then back to my car, then to the party after dinner. Ugh.

The party was fun, though. Yudi went to get Travis while Vince, one of the SDGMC members, organized things at the community room in his apartment complex. My first San Diego ex Joe was there, and he still never acknowledges what a jerk he was to me. Ass.  mike14780Michael was there, who I haven't seen in forever, and he got a little drunk, which was amusing. Travis was very surprised, although you can never tell with him because he's too laid back. He's so cute, tho - at one point Vince told him that he and Yudi were going to strip down to their underwear and have a pillow fight for his birthday, and Travis was all like, "OK!" with that goofy grin of his. (Of course I pointed out that my birthday was coming up soon, too, so...) Recognized a few faces from the chorus, and ended up spending a lot of time talking to Daniel (who just went out on a date or two with Yudi now that he's single AGAIN), and his friends Eduardo and Jose. Much fun was had playing Apples to Apples, Uno, and a new card game they taught me, spoons.

At one point I said to Yudi that we could have an exes convention - there was me, Travis, Dr. David (who came with a very cute muscular Asian boy) and his now-roommate Brady (who came with an even hotter ex-Navy tattooed Flip). I thought it might be a good idea to sit Daniel down and explain The Ways of Yudi to him (which wouldn't be a long conversation). Yudi didn't like that idea. (He also didn't like me showing pictures from an LYC pot luck where we raffled off some Asian porn because he thought it gave us a "bad image," to which I replied, then why did we raffle them off in the first place? Whatever.)

So all in all a lovely party. The bunch of them ended up going to TJ to see some stripper boys, but I bowed out and headed home.

Sunday I got up, loaded the car, stopped at Smart & Final, and headed to the LYC new member picnic in Balboa Park. T'was quite fun and well-attended, although it took both me and Mike to figure out how best to get the coals started. Was there for quite a while, and finally headed home. I was pretty wiped from the day in the sun (got a little burned, too), so I just vegged for the rest of the day, made some dinner, and had a nice chat with pinoyboytoyQ (didn't talk to him Friday night as he was out clubbing in DC nor Saturday night as he was in Baltimore at Comic-Con with Darwin).

Yesterday it was back to work, and Annamarie came back from maternity leave. It'll be interesting working towards getting her back into the swing of things, but it's all good. Because it was actually chilly overnight my sniffles and stuffiness came back, but I made it through the day, although by the time I got home I was really tired so I took a nap. I got up just as Q called, and I talked to him while making dinner. He's been really tired too lately so maybe it's the change of seasons.

Today has been ok so far. Nothing planned for tonight (except maybe cleaning the bathroom) as thomasmMyke put up a poll for the new folks joining us for gaming and it's been decided to move it to Wednesdays.

Tomorrow morning is an all ER meeting at 8:00 am - bleargh. Then gaming, and both Stuart and David said they could come - hooray! If we add in Bill and lenniersdHans we'll have a rollicking good crew.

Got a Conjecture staff meeting Saturday at the Polar Den followed by darrelxDarrel & glittercat13Kris' fandom gathering, which I should be able to stay at for a while unless I head off to tea. No plans for Sunday, although it's both David and ben_raccoonBen's birthdays, so maybe I'll be one of the cool kids and get invited to their parties or something. :P
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