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More negotiations

The hotel called today, and it's amazing - the things we really thought they'd balk at they kind of took in stride, and the things we figured were obvious changes they're making a fuss over. Still, I got away with most stuff with a few privisos - we may be able to waive the function room costs, but only if we pick up about the same amount in catering; they won't strike the bogus 18% additional charges to catering functions; if the hotel sells out and we can't make our room block they still want to charge us for function space; they don't want to give us credit for people who get a lower rate off the internet; they waived corkage for all suites and guest rooms (I didn't even have to ask for that one); and they'll give us free furniture and equipment, and anything they don't have we can bring in on our own. It's a mixed bag, but mostly good. Fortunately most of these might have a simple solution, but it will require us to give a little (which is ok - that's why it's called negotiating).

And now I'm finding out that since Passover is the same time period as Easter next year, we may lose some Jewish attendees. I offhandedly wondered if having lay-led services would help and/or be a good idea, and was told I was "naive and a bit offensive." Yeah, coming from the Unitarian Universalist poster child - whatever. Obviously I don't understand what Passover means to anyone who is Jewish, since I'm not Jewish - that's why I asked. Ugh. I just love diplomacy...

Also went to the Umbrella Group luncheon, which was fun. A few new faces, including someone interested in Pride Guides. I'll probably do a workshop at the UC LGBT conference being held on campus next year.

Yudi had a date which turned into an overnighter, and then wonders why I tease him as much as he teases me. We have such a weird relationship, but oddly enough it's working - for now. I think in time we'll probably just segue into friends (with or without special privileges), but for the moment it's easier to call him my boyfriend than having to explain the nature of our relationship to everyone who asks (and summarily questions it if I try).

Tomorrow's gaming (and Daniel and TC are finally bringing over the damn dresser), Thursday night is the LYC EC meeting, and no big plans for the weekend - will probably sign the contract Friday (and maybe go out to celebrate), coffee Saturday and might head to Disneyland on Sunday, since I had to miss it last weekend.

It's weird - without any pressing deadlines (i.e., the hotel contract), I know I have a million other things to do, but I can't remember what they are and I'm in no hurry to find out. I'm reflexively remembering what it's like to have time on my hands with no timetables and being naturally lazy. :D

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