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I have returned to the (mostly) living

I'm back at work today, although still snuffly. My boss comes back from maternity leave on Monday and I needed to get a few things done today. Found ants on my desk - not fun. I also have to get an eye exam soon, and I might need to do that today, if not tomorrow (running out of contacts). I also should be able to pick up my film at lunch.

Spent the last two days sleeping most of the day, then lounging around all sick like. Bleargh. At least I got to watch a couple of episodes of SCTV that Q bought me for our Friday the 13th anniversary last month, and I finally got around to watching "Queen of the Damned" (you can have it back now, ben_raccoon). Otherwise was cranky and miserable, but that's ok 'cause I was sick.

The rest of the Executive Committee was kind (or maybe cruel) to agree to move last night's meeting to Saturday before coffee. After dinner is Travis' surprise party. Sunday I'm missing the Conjecture staff meeting for the new member BBQ. So much conflict. Blah.

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