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A productive Friday

Got up a little late, but that's ok because Rebecca is out of town, so no one even noticed. Got some work done and was planning on skipping lunch but I needed to go for a walk so I went over to UTC. Since I just saw some old pictures that proved to me how long it's been since I bought a pair of shorts (I hate how I look in them), and since tomorrow we're going to SeaWorld for darkscydeDaniel's birthday, I figured I'd stop in Sears on the way just to see if they had any... and walked out with two pair, a bathing suit, and a pair of jeans, all on clearance (only $7 each!). Not what I intended, but it's all good. By the time I got back it was just about time for me to leave for the day as the AVC told us all we could leave early. Yay!

Came home and was going to wash my car when Daniel gave me the new Mr. Clean Auto Dry Carwash system he bought to try it out. We were a little skeptical at first, but here's how it works - you screw the handle (looks like an Enterprise phaser) onto the hose, fill it with soap (their brand, of course), and then put in a special water filter. First you rinse as usual with hose water, then you spray on soap, then wash with a sponge and rinse the soap off (again with hose water). Then you spray with filtered water to rinse off the hose water, and when it dries, by jove if it doesn't dry spotless! The hook? The filter says you're only supposed to use it for 3 car washes, and it's about $6-8 for a new one. So yeah, it's cheaper than if you pay to get your car washed, and it's a little less work than having to hand-dry it, and the hose with the soap in it saved a little bit of time in the washing, but not that much. It was pretty keen, but I'm not sure if I'd use it again or just go back to good old soap, water and a bunch of rags.

Funny thing, though - the FAQ that came with the instructions was hilarious. "My, uh, dog accidentally put another kind of soap in. Is that bad?" "Bad doggy." :) Check out the online version for a few yuks (the printed one was funnier, but it's still amusing).

Then after that I decided to keep getting stuff done so I finally got around to putting my artwork into some of the frames I bought a few weeks ago - so far my picture of me by Joe Phillips and the red dragon akirashimaTheaddy drew for me (eventually I need to commission something else from him, probably one of those hand-painted paper lanterns he was doing at Pennsic). I still have a few more pieces to do that I'm going to have to cut the matting for, but now that I got the hang of it I think I'll be ok (although a few c-clamps might be helpful). And, oddly, I have an extra frame and mat and have no idea what I got it for. Very confusing.

Made Tuna Helper for dinner. Yum. Watched "Queer Eye" with Daniel. All is good.

Tomorrow is SeaWorld, then the first LYC coffee (now tea) at Bamboo Tea, then off to Dave & Busters for Daniel's birthday dinner, and then the rest of the weekend spent slacking and cleaning my room. w00t.

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