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This weekend

Well, I FINALLY got the first round of changes to the contract back to the hotel. What a nightmare! Ultimately, though, it'll be worth it, and all those changes prove to her I'm no idiot and I won't be screwed (at last not by her - maybe our cute waiter at lunch, tho...)

So tonight it's LYC movie night (someone finally offered up a space to have it in - it's like pulling teeth sometimes), then I might meet up with someone (I have several choices, so we'll see which one lucks out, as the Yudster is off on a date tonight). Tomorrow I'm off to LA to possibly see Jim (hopefully), then off to LA Dopefest at the La Brea Tar Pits of all places, then dinner, then afterwards I finally get to see David, the cast member I picked up at Disneyland. Home on Sunday to go to the Conjecture staff meeting 'cause it's actually at the hotel (and as Hotel Liaison, it kinda makes sense for me to be there, eh?). Sadly, this means I'm skipping going to Disneyland on Sunday, which SUCKS as I could use a fix right about now (I have been running non-stop for the past two weeks - longer, even). I'll just have to go next weekend (it's good to have an Annual Passport). So yet another weekend running around, without nearly enough sleep. Blah. But I'm really jazzed by all the work I'm doing for the con, so maybe it's all good, eh? :D

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