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This weekend - a bomb diggity!

Thursday I started cleaning up downstairs to get ready for the party, but didn't finish. Friday I had work, then went right to Liz's to get my hair cut and colored (blond highlights again, despite pinoyboytoyQ's protestations). Afterwards I popped over to K-Mart, then stopped at Ralphs, got gas (and found out my usual station has gone out of business), and zipped by Taco Bell since it was already past 9 and I was starving. Unfortunately, when I got home I was so zoned that I came in, ate, chilled for a bit, and it wasn't until almost midnight that I realized I'd left my bag, my phone, and all the frozen food in the car. Argh! Fortunately nothing spoiled, but I missed my nightly call from Q. :(

Saturday I got up around 11, ate breakfast, and finished cleaning up downstairs. The house looked great! I took a quick shower and folks started arriving for the SDQSF gaming BBQ. Saw a few faces I'd seen at events before, but more than half were new people - yay! I did sneak out for about an hour to hit the very last LYC coffee at the Living Room before we move to Bamboo Tea next week, and talked to the manager to let her know we were leaving but it wasn't her fault. Also saw Paolo there again - such a cutie! When I got home there were even more people there, and during the course of the evening folks played Epic Duels, Carcassonne, Guillotine, Strange Synergy, Apples to Apples, and we watched Galaxy Quest and Mystery Men, all while noshing on burgers, yummy desserts and such. In total we had about 15-20 people and they stayed until almost 2 am, but it was a swell party and I think thomasmMyke and jkustersJohn want to do it again. Nicely done!

Sunday I overslept and missed the LYC car wash at the Center, but I wasn't feeling all that great anyway. I was also late to the Conjecture staff meeting at Dave & Stella's and went home right afterwards to relax to see if it would make me feel better. I managed to get some laundry done, but I was mostly a sloth. I also finally caught up with Q, who I missed Saturday night as well as we were both out busy having fun.

Today was work again. I had my weekly with Rebecca and something is definitely up with Ebonye - they're watching her like a hawk. Very interesting, but I'm not privy to all the details. I called Q at lunch while he was driving to Norfolk, VA to spend time with his brother who had a layover on his way back to Italy (he's also in the Navy). I'm glad he got to see him since his brother is the only one who's cool with him being gay and is really the only one Q feels close to in his family. Well what would have been a simple stopover while waiting for a standby flight has turned into a week-long visit! Turns out the next scheduled flight out of the Naval base isn't until Sunday, so he doesn't have a choice but to stay put. Weird, but yay! I'm glad Q can spend some time connecting with him again as I know they see each other very infrequently. Meanwhile I spent the night doing laundry, chatting with Caleb about continuing fallout from (and eventual settlement of) our Pennsic issues, and wondering why it took darkscydeDaniel so long to "get some Pho" (is that what we're calling it now?). Stella was supposed to come over tonight and get ribbons, but it turns out she doesn't need them right away so I'll get them to her later.

Not too much going on this week. Rebecca will be out most of Thursday and all day Friday on vacation, and I've got enough work to keep things nice and lazy for the week. No after work plans except gaming tomorrow, then Saturday is Daniel's birthday plus the LYC coffee change. Sunday and Monday I have no plans (although I might go to the picinic at First UU), so I'm hoping to take the time to move around some furniture and do some more work on my room - we'll see how motivated I get.

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