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Food on the go

opalcat was asking about "on the go" meals and snacks and I realized I'd developed quite a collection of them stemming from early morning things I have to do on the weekends so I don't have time to make a real breakfast, to needing to head out to something immediately after getting home and needing to get food fast or to eat in the car, to having to skip lunch and needing something ready to eat fast, etc. Checking out my cabinet here at work, here's some of them:

  • Peanut butter crackers, Ritz Bits & Nutter Butter Bites (peanut butter is good for my blood sugar and at least has some protein in it)
  • Starkist "lunch-to-go" tuna package (I love these - a 3 oz. pouch of tuna, mayo, relish, and crackers with a mixing spoon and a mint for after! They're faboo.)
  • Strawberry Quaker Oats bars & iced bits - yummy!
  • Kellogg's Krave bars (a power/snack bar)
  • oatmeal breakfast squares (also from Quaker Oats - not crazy about these, but they do in a pinch)
  • Granola bars & Kudos
  • Betty Crocker's Bowl Appetites for pasta - just add water and microwave
  • Campbell's carries soup that you nuke in the can and drink like a soda
  • Lipton cup-a-soup
  • Easy Mac N' Cheese - make it right in the mug!
  • cereal bars (bought some a while ago but not crazy about them)
I have quite a collection at work for when I can't get out and/or need something to keep my blood sugar up. Anybody else think of something good?

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