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Wednesday happenings

Lazy day at work today. Found out The Center wants us to delay the start time for the LYC car wash on Sunday because the church group that meets in the morning is having an event. (Good thing I called to confirm!)

Today was Rebecca's birthday so Ebonye and I got her a card and a little chocolate cake, and next week we'll probably take her out to lunch and may all chip in to get her a couple of frames and finally hang the artwork she's had in her office since we moved in.

I spent some time making a new splash page for G'con to wrap it up and encourage people to buy t-shirts (check here tomorrow if urban_bohemianBrian has time to put it up).

Got a call from darkscydeDaniel at the end of the day that he and xiaomozi666Tri had another fight about their lack of communication and it ended with their breaking up. :( I'm sure they're both very broken up about it, but hopefully they'll be able to be friends because I know they still care about each other very much.

Came home and did more laundry and cleaned up my cabinet in the kitchen. thomasmMyke and jkustersJohn got busy steam cleaning the living room carpet, which was quite a job (but turned out great). So a productive evening getting ready for the SDQSF BBQ on Saturday afternoon.

Oh, and of course I had a lovely chat with my Q. Caught him up on the gossip of the day (the post-Pennsic encampment dramas, jpiconJacob and lpaladinDaniel's ceremony announcement not appearing in the Pennsic Independent, Daniel and Tri's fight about bowling and gaming, Michelle at work getting hit with a softball, etc.). He's been in much better spirits since Pennsic. And then at the end he said that even though he had to get to sleep to get up early he didn't want to hang up because he likes talking to me. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! My li'l puddin'. :) I lurves him so.

Now, I'm tired and off to bed. G'nite.

P.S. No more buying chocolate, candy or cookies for the next 3 months - I'm overstocked! Ugh!

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