Esprix (esprix) wrote,

Just about ready to go!

Lovely wedding today! agtAdam & Rebecca had a very short ceremony (blissfully so since we were in the sun and it was hot) in the courtyard at the Scripps Ranch public library, then a lovely reception afterwards in one of the function rooms. I got to see lots of old friends, including lots of Darkstar folks, jkustersJohn & thomasmMyke, lenniersdHans and the ever-lovely Karen, Annette and Valerie, samuraimegMeg, Keith & Sara, and lots of other neat people whose names I do not remember. :) Got home around 4, and got straight to packing. Still not done, but should be done soon (hopefully - I just wish I could find this one piece of garb that's gone missing...). Had a good talk with Q tonight, although he was being quite silly (he was out drinking earlier), but I am SO looking forward to seeing him in a mere 5 days. Yay!

Back to packing. Might update one last time before I leave in the morning, but I doubt it. Have fun! See you on the 21st!

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