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A simple Saturday

Had 5 new folks at coffee today, 4 of which bought a membership. Wow! Afterwards we went to Lotus Thai for dinner. This'll be my last Saturday coffee until we change locations to Bamboo Tea on September 4.

Updated my online photo album a bit, including reorganizing it. Feel free to take a look and comment. I have lots more to import, especially stuff from work, but hopefully by the time I'm done I'll have quite a collection of all my pictures.

Doing laundry and packing at the moment. Tomorrow is the wedding, then I have to finish packing. John predicts I'll be up all night, but although I'm sure I'll be up late I don't think it'll be as bad as previous years as I'm leaving later than usual and have a couple of days to get things together (not that I don't wait until the last minute anyway, but these days I have less to do/bring than previous years). I talked to Caleb and he said Land Grab went well, although we have an odd hourglass-shaped layout, which I just can't wait to see.

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