May 7th, 2015

Joshua's device

24 years and counting!

Interesting. According to the Pennsic Land Office's records, 2015 will be our 22nd year on E12. That also means it'll be the 24th encampment.

I... wow. Seriously. Just wow. I never in a million years thought that would happen. I think the first year we started out with like 6 people camped up against the East royal's ass (behind the portajohns at the top of Horde Hill). Then we were forced to move over by the barn for a year. And then we ended up on E12 (in the sun, no road access, no fire pit, no kitchen tent, no sign).

Corey​ and Kevin​ remember. Charles​ was there, too. So were Alexandros and Carson. And Celeb​'s been around almost that long, too.

(And damn, that means this will be my 25th Pennsic! Double wow!)