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My last day!

Much accomplishment during this, my last day at work before Pennsic - filed some stuff away, cleaned up my office, and have a few things to do after I finish my lovely lunch of mac n' cheese and a half a bagel.

Wednesday night's LYC EC meeting was very productive, and I'm finding I like this Bamboo Tea place. I'm looking forward to meeting there regularly starting in September. Missed talking to Quincy before he went to bed since the meeting ran long as usual. :(

Had a GREAT wrap-up session with dracut last night from G'con '04, but I talk too much so we need to do a part 2. :) Followed that up with a long talk with Quincy and worked things out (he was still mad from Tuesday). Still in love. Still not king. Still the prettiest. MY HED IS PASTEDE ON YAY! Yeah.

Tonight I don't have any plans, although I have a lot of things to take care of before I leave for War - pay bills, send out some e-mails, etc. Hopefully I'll get some of that done tonight so I can spend the weekend packing.

Speaking of, Saturday I'll hit LYC coffee one last time, and Sunday is agt & Rebecca's wedding - hooray! Should be a fun affair. Then Monday afternoon I'm off to War. Huzzah!

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