November 13th, 2012


Faculty stress

Dear Faculty,

If you're going to be on a search committee (and, alas, you actually do have to do them from time to time), you have to actually make yourself AVAILABLE for all the responsibilities that come with it - meetings, phone interviews, in-person interviews, etc. Yes, I know it's a lot (better than most, actually, since I'm the one that's scheduling everything). Yes, I know you have class schedules. But, really, "I don't want to come in too early" isn't going to cut it. Neither is "I'm not on campus that day," since you're not travelling, you just have a cushy teaching schedule that fits around you having long weekends. Sorry, but you're paid to be available for your duties as a full time employee of this college, so suck it up and work with us schmoes who have to deal with your pretentiousness. I'm dealing with two faculty searches with six candidates simultaneously, and I have to schedule them all in a 3-week period, not to mention it's Thanksgiving week next week and you'll all be gone, so give me a fucking break.

No love today,

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