November 2nd, 2012

LiveJournal - serious business

Lovely spam, wonderful spam!

I've been getting an avalanche of spam posts to my LJ entries of late (which y'all can't see, as any anonymous posts are automatically screened), but they're annoying me, so I'm going to turn off anonymous posts altogether for a while. I know there are a precious few folks out there who somtimes still read my LJ and don't have an LJ account but occasionally reply, so you'll just have to hang in there for a while. Sorry. (Then again, why don't you just sign up for an account? It's not like it's difficult...)

Christos Fandaros

Just found out that Christos died after a short battle with cancer. For those who didn't know him, he was an amazing, funny, talented person I knew at Pennsic.

I know he wouldn't want anyone to be, but for the moment I'm very sad. Eventually, though, everyone will remember his amazing spirit, unflinching devotion and creativity, and the fabulous, outrageous life he lived.