July 28th, 2012


My tweets

  • Fri, 18:00: The journey to Pennsic will be starting for me soon. I'll be tweeting again this year if you want to follow my Medieval antics. ;)
  • Fri, 18:05: Think I'm done wrestling with the roof rack so hopefully I'll be leaving soon (Mom's tonight to drop off the cats then off to War tomorrow)
  • Fri, 20:55: Well I hope I didn't forget anything but no more room = time to go. (Me and schedules don't get along, if you didn't notice...)
  • Sat, 00:39: On the road in the middle of the night to Mom's. And you know what? These are all the fucks I give... :)
  • Sat, 00:50: @bovil there's more? I will take care of it tomorrow. Thanks!