April 27th, 2012

Joshua's device

Writer's Block: Ticket, Please

What is your favorite vacation spot in the world and why do you love it so much -- is it the activities, the people, the sheer beauty, etc? Would you live there full time if you could, or do you prefer to keep it as a special treat?

Um, hello? PENNSIC, of course. :) I go for the people and the chance to relax and, quite literally, get away from it all (although that's harder and harder to do every year with the advent of such portable modern conveniences like smart phones and such). It's my annual battery recharge. :)

Oh, and I don't think I'd live there permanently, but I would love to someday have a permanent structure there rather than having to set up a tent every time. If I had that and other people were interested, I'd vacation there more often than once a year.