March 21st, 2012


I need more dreams like this...

Had an interesting dream over the weekend.


Somehow or another I met Will Smith, and he quite smoothly put the moves on me. (No wifey and kids in this reality.) I found myself drawn to him, and we began a low profile but profoundly deep and meaningful love affair. We lived in a posh open-air penthouse suite of a swanky hotel in Los Angeles. He was an incredible lover.


At some point in the relationship (months? years?) he decided it was time to reveal his secret to me - he was part of a cabal of visionaries that was exploring the universe to discover the answers to all of life's great mysteries. He showed me a hidden laboratory in our apartment that was part planetarium, part astrometrics lab, and part physics lab. I was duly impressed with his wisdom and selflessness in trying to help all of humanity.


Interestingly, "I, Robot" was on TV tonight...

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