October 10th, 2011

Mickey Mouse

Day 4

What started off as what could have been another wet, rainy day turned into quite a lovely day in the Animal Kingdom (which Marlene missed by staying home again). Started off with my first trip on Expedition: Everest (awesome!), then met up with David, Ryan, Matt and Trevin to see The Lion King show and ride Dinosaur (which I never knew was the same track as Indiana Jones in Disneyland). The boys had reservations so we went off on our own for lunch, and just as we finished I saw Chris, Mark, Matt and Wade, so we ran off to do Everest again, then we saw the Finding Nemo show. Afterwards we split up, and Mom and William and I did the train ride and the safari after one last ride on Everest (alas we missed the last bird show). Did a little shopping (new hat, man bag and t-shirt), then came home and ordered Bob Evans for dinner. All in all another great day, and I was surprised how many new attractions there were that I hadn't seen since my last visit (which admittedly was in 2000).


Today - Magic Kingdom! I have an appointment with the pirates at 3:30 so wish me luck!

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