April 18th, 2011


My weekend

Friday - Board gaming with the local group, then folks hung out at our place where we exchanged iiiiiiinteresting gossip. Tried a new sparkling wine (Barefoot moscato), which was pretty good.

Saturday - Since all the local pharmacies have adopted the opposite hours from everyone else (i.e., stay open later on weekends), I had to drive all the way to Waldorf to get Q's allergy medication. Still, it wasn't so bad, and I made an evening of it, including picking up the Mumm sparkling wine I'd been waiting for, grabbing dinner, getting gas, and shopping at Wal*Mart (including running into a co-worker who wasn't supposed to be up and about after her hip replacement surgery, but I'm sworn to secrecy). Also somewhere in there did some minor fix-its on my truck and finished sawing the wood to finish the shelves in the attic.

Sunday - Taxes, but worth it for the hefty refunds (all of which is already spent). Talked to Mom, and she's decided on a new car (finally!). Feeling flu-ish. Bleh.

Monday - Sleeping in the hopes of fending off whatever I've got. BLEH.